Bamboo toothbrushes

One of the easiest things to change around the house to live more sustainably? - Swap a conventional toothbrush for a bamboo model.
Plastic toothbrushes, just like drinking straws or all other types of single-use plastic, are not only very difficult to recycle, but also not compostable.
For this reason, the bamboo toothbrush is enjoying increasing popularity worldwide.
Are bamboo toothbrushes really that much better for the environment?
Our answer is yes, as the handle and packaging are biodegradable. Plastic, on the other hand, lingers on our planet for up to 500 years. Since more and more - instead of fewer mountains of rubbish - are being produced, we should do something about it.
In addition, bamboo is a very fast growing plant. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo can also convert more CO2 into oxygen than other trees and thus offers an additional advantage. Another reason to forego conventional toothbrushes is the massive loss of petroleum, which is extracted through production. So you just have to love bamboo.

Appearance always matters!

In addition to the environment and health, appearance also plays a role for many people. As with any other thing, the first thing we often notice is how something affects us. Bamboo toothbrushes score points with their appearance, because they are noble and unique. Compared to electric toothbrushes or models made of plastic, they are also easy to carry and therefore perfect for traveling.