Bamboo make-up removal pads

The environmentally friendly alternative to cotton pads for daily facial cleansing with easy reusability!

An indispensable part of everyday life for many women. Cotton pads for daily facial cleansing unfortunately end up in the garbage after only one use and a single cotton pad is rarely enough to remove make-up.

For this reason, vast amounts of garbage are produced every year, which can easily be saved for the sake of the environment. In this article you will learn everything about washable make-up removal pads as a real alternative to conventional cotton pads.

Bambus Abschminkpads

Washable make-up removal pads help with the gentle and uncomplicated cleaning of make-up on the face, as they are reusable in contrast to conventional cotton pads. The make-up removal pads are washable because they are made of bamboo or cotton.

Bambus Abschminkpads waschen

Often, combinations of both environmentally friendly and natural raw materials are offered. The most common reason for switching to washable make-up removal pads is the sustainability and environmental awareness of those people who care about the future of our planet.