The bamboo toilet paper

For some people, the mere thought of toilets while camping is enough to make them decide against camping. Why is clear to everyone. Everyone has to go to the toilet - but it is all the more important here that you have special, Toilet paper suitable for camping to make using the toilet as comfortable as possible.
We have the solution! The biomondi bamboo toilet paper is perfect for your use.
From nature back to nature.
 Bambus Toilettenpapier
The biomondi bamboo toilet paper is super soft and pleasant. It decomposes directly - so forget the plastic bag to collect it.
Because the bamboo toilet paper goes back to where it came from - into nature.
  Toilettenpapier aus Bambus
We clearly need the bamboo toilet paper.
Why is there no question here. Toilet paper has many advantages!
Not only is it packaged 100% plastic-free, but it is tear-resistant, can be used anywhere and after use you feel clean and fresh. The bamboo toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo. 
Laura mit Bambus Toilettenpapier
You can see here how quickly and easily the bamboo toilet paper disappears: