Facts about palm leaf crockery

Facts about palm leaf crockery
High-quality palm leaf crockery is an eye-catcher at every garden party and event or food festival. But what exactly is palm leaf crockery, how is it made and what are the advantages of this disposable crockery made from palm leaf. Palmblatt Teller

Palm leaf crockery is biodegradable
For the production of palm leaf crockery, biomondi
fallen palm leaves used.

The collected palm leaves are then pressed into the shape of plates and bowls by steam and completely without chemicals. With this first fact about the production of the palm leaf tableware, it should be clear that no palm trees are felled or cut down for the production of this organic disposable tableware. The palm leaves are simply collected and no harm is done to the palm trees. Since every palm leaf looks different and has a unique structure, every palm leaf plate and every palm leaf bowl is unique.


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Palm leaf crockery can be used in many ways
Thanks to the smooth shapes and stable structure, palm leaf plates and bowls have an elegant yet natural look - ideal for any party, food festival or event. The palm leaf material is very light and heat-insulating, so that hot dishes can be presented on it without cooling down quickly.

Palm leaf crockery is simply disposed of
Palm leaf crockery is completely biodegradable and can therefore be disposed of in the organic waste bin or on the compost.

Palm leaf range from biomondi 
The range of palm leaves from biomondi is diverse: There are palm leaf plates and palm leaf bowls in different shapes (square, oval and round) and sizes as well as various bowls and containers for smaller dishes or appetizers.

So if you want to help protect the environment by using palm leaf crockery and at the same time equip your garden party or catering with high-quality organic disposable crockery, you are at the right place at biomondi.