Vegetable fruit nets

You have probably come across grapes, tomatoes or mushrooms in plastic packaging in the supermarket. We used this packaging too. It was only when we dealt more intensively with the subject that we became aware of the effects that all of the plastic packaging can have.
While the individual packaging is not particularly eye-catching at first, there is a lot of rubbish when doing weekly shopping. Garbage that doesn't have to be created. What options are there to and are able to do without plastic when shopping? Fruit and vegetable nets an alternative?
Obst und Gemüsenetze

Reusable fruit and vegetable nets

With reusable vegetable and fruit nets you can show the plastic packaging from the supermarket the red card in the future. While a plastic bag is only average 25 minutes is in use, it then needs years to be degraded by nature. Many plastic particles are never broken down by nature and end up in the Stomachs of marine animalswho mistake plastic for food and die from it. 

Cotton fruit nets help you to transport your fruit home safely and to rid the world of plastic.