our philosophy

Germans produce almost 45 million tons of garbage every year.

With our products made from renewable raw materials, we want to help reduce waste and protect the environment.

We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone paid attention to their consumption in their everyday lives and we made more sensible use of the raw materials available.

We have therefore decided to focus on sustainable raw materials.


Our raw materials:
Bamboo, sugar cane & palm leaves

Bamboo, sugar cane and palm leaves are alternatives to plastic when it comes to reusable or disposable products.

Bamboo is probably the most diverse grass in the world and is not only popular with panda bears.

Because bamboo is a very rapidly renewable resource, large amounts can be extracted every year without endangering the population.

Sugar cane belongs to the sweet grass family and grows in tropical climates. In addition to sugar, waste products are also produced during harvest.

The material is recycled and environmentally friendly reusable or disposable products are made with it.

Our sustainable products are characterized by a functional look, pleasant feel and stability.

Our team

We would like to introduce ourselves:


Francesco Castiglia 
Managing director

Antonio Castiglia 
Commercial manager

Michelle Ziegenbruch
Customer service / Sales

Thomas Geiken

Naomi Castiglia
Quality assurance

Rafael Tsorbatzoudis
Customer service / Sales

Giovanna Lo Bue
Trainee office management assistant


Our location

As a family-run company, solidarity, reliability and trust within our team as well as outside towards our partners are very important to us.

We see the cooperation with our customers and suppliers as a long-term partnership, which we always maintain and strengthen through a high degree of flexibility.

Our focus is very much on an increased commitment to the environment and biodegradable and recyclable products.


Unser Team

Wir stellen unser team vor

Francesco Castiglia 


Antonio Castiglia

Kaufmännischer Leiter

Michelle Ziegenbruch

Kundenbetreuung / Vertrieb

Thomas Geiken


Naomi Castiglia


Giovanna Lo Bue

Auszubildende Kauffrau für Büromanagement

Unsere Position

Als familiengeführtes Unternehmen sind uns Zusammenhalt, Verlässlichkeit und Vertrauen innerhalb unseres Teams sowie außerhalb gegenüber unseren Partnern sehr wichtig.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden und Lieferanten sehen wir als langfristige Partnerschaft, die wir stets pflegen und durch ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität stärken.

Unser Fokus liegt sehr stark auf einem verstärkten Engagement für die Umwelt und biologisch abbaubare und recycelbare Produkte.