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Disposable palm leaf serving tray

biomondi palm leaf products are a stylish, sustainable alternative to single-use paper and plastic products. No trees are harvested or felled. Each piece is made from 100% renewable and compostable leaves and water. No chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are applied during or after the manufacturing process. Therefore, they are considered the best and most appropriate alternative to plastic and other materials.

The advantages:

  • Easily decomposes within days

  • Strongest, disposable and biodegradable material available

  • Made from fallen leaves

  • No adhesives, binders or chemicals

  • Natural and attractive designs

  • Suitable for microwave and refrigerator

  • Robust quality

  • Due to their robust nature, you can serve all kinds of food and drinks with our palm leaf products. The natural design gives the products a special charm.

    Why are these products single-use?
    Although the products are very durable, they are intended for single use as the palm leaf product has not been treated chemically, with paints or binders. As soon as the palm leaf product comes into contact with food or beverages, food residues or liquids are absorbed and stored by the leaves in a natural process. A hundred percent cleaning is unfortunately not possible here. The products are natural and pure, so we do not recommend washing and reusing them.

    A simple and beneficial way is to dispose of them on your own property. Simply collect the dishes after your party, dig a small pit and dispose of the soiled dishes. Of course, you can also easily dispose of the products on your compost heap. That's it! The products are broken down by nature in 90 days, which ultimately enriches the soil with additional nutrients.

    If you don't have a garden or property, you can dispose of the dishes in organic waste bins with a clear conscience.