ElephantSkin gloves



The gloves are treated with an antiviral and antibacterial technology that prevents viruses and bacteria from happening and effectively reduces their transmission. ElephantSkin gloves can be washed at least 30 times at 40 ° C on the gentle cycle without losing the antiviral & antibacterial effect. The material mix of certified organic cotton and elastane offers a perfect fit and maximum wearing comfort.

Content: 1 pair of gloves


Stay Safe with ElephantSkin

  • Effective reduction of enveloped viruses and bacteria
  • Reusable and washable
  • Effect lasts for at least 30 gentle washes
  • Made from certified organic cotton
  • High wearing comfort
  • Perfect fit thanks to 4% elastane
  • Made in Europe
  • Available in sizes S / M and L / XL
  • Available in the colors black, gray, white
  • Properties according to ISO 20743 (antibacterial), ISO 18184 (antiviral, tested on enveloped viruses)
  • Active ingredient: silver chloride
  • The silver ions of the treated glove surface penetrate into enveloped viruses and bacteria and prevent cell division


ElephantSkin gloves can be worn like normal gloves. The tight fit with the elastane content makes the glove look like a second skin. Thanks to the antiviral and antibacterial effect, the glove cleans itself and only needs to be washed when it is dirty.

The gloves can be washed at 40 ° C on a gentle cycle.