Candle sand 100g


With candle sand, creative ideas can be implemented, because the fine wax granulate becomes a candle with just a wick. You can stack the candle sand on a suitable base or fill a nice glass with the small balls, then insert a wick into the granulate and light it. As with a conventional candle, the wax melts in the immediate vicinity of the flame and nourishes it. You can make candles and lanterns as required and, for example, layer different colors on top of each other.

With a suitable closure, the candles in the glass can also be transported and given away. Or they can be left on the terrace after a leisurely dinner and simply locked to protect them from contamination. Since the granulate remains mobile away from the flame, you should not extinguish the candle by blowing it out or with liquids, but rather smother it.

The packaging contains two wicks of 10 cm each, from which the required length can be cut off.