Protective mask KN95 with breathing valve - 10 pieces

  • Meets the minimum requirement for respirators
  • Two headbands, flexible nose clip
  • High wearing comfort and durability
  • Acts against bacteria and enveloped viruses
  • Larger quantities on request

10-pack respirators

  • KN95 fine dust mask
  • Dustproof
  • Mouthguard with valve
Suitable for people with pollen allergy and woodworking, painting, running, cycling, hiking. Works against bacteria.


Quantity: 10 pieces  

Color white


The KN95 respirator made of white polypropylene has two headbands, a flexible nosepiece and a soft nose pillow, which ensures a good fit and high wearing comfort.

The respirator also has a breathing valve and is very durable. This filter class 1 mask is an ergonomic fine dust mask that protects against coarse, health-endangering dry particles and aerosols (e.g. wood dust, quartz dust, coarse allergens, pollen) through the valve.