FFP2 respirator | CE 2834 high quality FFP2 CE 2834 respirator

  • Meets the minimum requirement for respirators
  • Two headbands, flexible nose clip
  • High wearing comfort and durability
  • Acts against bacteria and enveloped viruses
  • Larger quantities on request

Respirators FFP2 fine dust mask Dustproof face mask 

Suitable for people with pollen allergy, woodworking, painting, running, cycling, hiking, and bacteria.


10 pieces 
20 piece
60 pieces

colour: White


The FFP2 respirator made of white polypropylene has two headbands, a flexible nosepiece and a soft nasal pillow, which ensures a good fit and high wearing comfort. 


  • Each mask comes with a so-called bar (= ear hook, fastening buckle, holder, carrying aid, adapter, extension):
  • optional, multi-stage extension of the ear loops
  • Fixation of the ear loops on the back of the head
  • Avoidance of pressure points, pain, sores on the ear or behind the ears