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Our bamboo thermal mug at Teekanne

TEEKANNE GmbH & Co. KG, 40549 Dusseldorf

Teekanne is the world's leading company in the production of tea and tea bags. The tea trading company markets packaged tea blends and enchants people all over the world with their unique taste.

But what else does it take to provide your customers with a warm, delicious tea outside? Exactly! A thermos cup that preserves the heat and the intense taste.

With our thermos mug made of bamboo, Teekanne was able to fulfill this idea. It should be environmentally friendly and of high quality. This is what Teekanne stands for in your production and trade.

The uniquely beautiful design and sustainability make our thermo mug stand out. The washable and reusable mug is equipped with stainless steel on the inside and keeps the tea warm longer than conventional
thermos mugs. The mug also has a tea strainer made of stainless steel. The screw cap prevents annoying leakage.

We are glad that we were able to have a great cooperation and gain so much trust from Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG.


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Our products at the Bremer Versandwerke (

Bremer Versandwerk GmbH, 28307 Bremen

Bremer Versandwerk GmbH is a wholesale and logistics company specializing in online trading. Our biomondi products adorn part of his online shop.

How about a cozy barbecue evening with friends, and all of it in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? The cooperation between us and the BVW makes it possible.

It's easy with our biodegradable straws made from reeds and the bamboo palm leaf plates in different sizes!

Of course there are many other beautiful things! Feel free to take a look. With every order we make the world a more sustainable place!

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